A Word from the President

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Christian de Grivel
We have developed the V33 Group to become one of the leading European companies in the paint and wood products sector and thus ensured its legacy.

If I were to cite one unifying element to our success, it would unquestionably be our capacity for innovation.

I believe that our Group's success is also due to three other major factors :
• The qualities that we have had from the beginning : research, exacting quality, respect for our clients our consumers and team, and listening to our clients and consumers.
The strategy chosen by the Group : a company can only succeed if its policy makes sense and is founded on clear choices in terms of products, clients, and positioning..
• The people : V33 Group is a team, first and foremost, where the concepts of professionalism, creativity, initiative, and ethics are its founding principles.

Christian de Grivel
President of V33 Group