Corporate Social Responsibility

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We know that a company's responsibility is about more than just environmental concern which is why we have sought to build a more comprehensive strategy within the V33 Group incorporating our social and economic commitments. 

In our approach and out of a desire for continual improvement, we periodically analyse how well our set priorities are being applied and our goals are being achieved.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy set by the Group's general management, together with with internal stakeholders (Quality and Safety Department, Human Resources, division heads, and staff members) determines clear guidelines for action which demonstrate our commitment on various levels.

ISO 9001 Certification | ISO 14001 Certification | Quality and Environmental Policy Charter

Our environmental commitments
Our major challenge is developing and selling products of impeccable quality.
With this in mind, ecological considerations are essential to the overall quality of a product or service. Jérôme Haxaire
Director of Quality Safety and Environment

Anticipating the enforcement of environmental standards and regulatory requirements in order to be more responsive and efficient when they come into effect.

• 1992 : V33 is the first brand of paint to be awarded the NF Environment label.
• 2002 : V33 is the first brand of floor varnish to be awarded the European Ecolabel.

Incorporating environmental issues at the design phase while meeting the more specific needs of our partner-distributors' specifications.

• Research and Development monitoring devoted to changes in raw materials and regulations.
• Signing annual best practices charters with our partner-distributors.

Minimising our ecological impact and the corresponding health and safety risks based on six central criteria :

• Careful selection of raw materials.
• Powerful, safe, long-lasting infrastructure and tools.
• Constant quality-traceability controls.
• A "zero discharge" commitment.
• Optimal management of waste treatment and reuse.
• Streamlined product packaging and shipping methods.

Taking the initiative beyond our legal obligations. Initiating and instituting voluntary actions aimed at more strongly supporting our quality, safety, and environmental commitments.

• 1994 : V33 Group seeks and secures ISO 9001 international quality certification.
• 2001 : V33 Group seeks and secures ISO 14001 international environmental certification.
• 80 percent of our production is now in water-based products (vs. 20 percent 10 years ago).
• In logistics: Setting up a transport plan that uses double-decker vehicles, substantially CO2 emissions, while eliminating cardboard and excess packaging when shipping to clients.
• 2014: Strengthening our fire protection system.

Fostering awareness, involvement, and knowledge of current and future environmental issues among our employees.

• Preparing an Internal Charter and a Quality, Safety, and Environment Guidebook distributed to all employees which includes information, best practices, emergency prevention and response guidelines, etc. Both are supplemented by monthly reports on key indicators.
• Taking multiple environmental criteria into account in calculating employee profit-sharing including quantity of waste produced and energy consumed.

Promoting the efficient use of our products to our professional partners and consumers. Teaching environmental best practices for applying products and waste management.

• Integrated training centre for our sales team and our distributor clients.
• Developing 125mL packages that offer a finite amount of product and informative labelling.

Our social and economic commitments

One thing that often comes up within V33 Group is that it's a company dedicated to well-being where people feel at ease.
A company with character, where people are proud to work.
Director of Human Resources at V33 Group

Continually improving the quality of life, working conditions and comfort of our employees.

• Our site is ideally situated in a natural reserve and offers a quality of life work setting.
• Active, dynamic works council.
• Employee savings plans which includes equity ownership, profit-sharing and pensions.
• Since 2000: Variable work schedules set up for administrative employees.
• Member of the car-sharing program set up by the General Council of Jura.
• Absentee rate: 2.90 percent over the course of a year.

Providing optimal protection for all employees, both internally and externally of the company.
Supporting this system with an enhanced information and prevention approach, and by empowering employees.

• A robust health benefit plan, one that goes beyond minimum recommendations, co-directed by V33 Group's Management and Works Council.
• Life insurance for all employees inclusive of executives and non-executives, regardless of seniority on all types of contracts.
• Internal Road Safety charter for the sales team with penalties for non-compliance.
• Employee risk awareness and prevention program to hazards such as chemical exposure, fire, etc. which require one day of safety orientation and training before employment commences.

Supporting our employees and encouraging mutual assistance.

• Internal credit plan managed by the Works Council.
• Allowing employees to transfer leave to one another.

Helping employees to grow within their job and the company as a whole,

• Recognising and valuing individuals.
• Internal promotion and flexibility.
• Skills transfers between employees.
• Training.

Promoting dialogue and communication within the company.
Encouraging an expressive and holistic working environment amongst employees with particular attention paid to health, safety, organisational structure and work methods and optimising tasks and processes.

• An internal magazine published quarterly.
• Bulletin boards in front of the production workshops for sharing information and posting concerns.

Encouraging diversity and equality within the company.

• Highly varied profiles, careers, and educational backgrounds represented among employees.
• Gender equality
• Average age: 36.5, with 5 percent of staff being over the age of 50.
• 3.6 percent workers with disabilities.

Building direct ties with the local economy and community.
Through partnerships and agreements with schools, training centres, organisations that specialise in finding work for people with disabilities, donations, civic actions, and more.

• Continually bringing in students for occupational training, apprenticeship contracts, and graduate internships.
• Partnership with two specialised work-based support centres (ESATs).
• Annual agreement signed with the Jura Fire Brigade with five volunteer firefighters within the company made available if needed and space granted at our premises for drills, simulations and training.
• Products donated to assist with the renovation of local public places.

Actively participating in local economic development and growth.
Through hiring as well as by giving precedence to regional or national service providers as suppliers of raw materials, delivery carriers and waste disposal and treatment.

V33 Group wants to satisfy its clients by providing a range of products and services which meets their needs, while keeping the main hazards associated with its operations under control, and providing its employees and contractors with optimal working conditions.