Our approach to innovation

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It's more than just a matter of processes or resources. For us, innovation is a state of mind. It's not simply enough for us to have a cutting-edge Research and Development laboratory or excellent engineers and technicians. Instead, we go much further.

Our driving philosophy is : Acquiring knowledge and constantly improving.
Designing new products is one thing, but experimenting and innovation also means exploring, understanding, and enhancing our know-how and building on our successes and failures alike in order to keep progressing.
Ysabelle Saint-Jevin
Director of R&D and Procurement Officer at V33 Group
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Never consider a project to be unfeasible.

Nothing is impossible given enough time, resources, and drive. There are no good ideas that don't involve taking risks.
Regardless of the nature or difficulty of the project, we will take a calm and positive attitude to completing it, without imposing too many constraints. Instead, we dive right in. We try to make even the impossible possible !

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Being able to envisage and work on solutions other than those typically tried before.

What makes innovation unique is the approach that is taken. Achieving meaningful or new results that also set us apart assumes an ability to be creative, think differently and overcome conventions or set ways of thinking. Often it means knowing how to blaze new trails or take the less-followed ones.

It is about knowing how to use the raw materials provided by our suppliers in a different way and getting new results from them. This is how our renovation product lines were created.

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Treat every source of inspiration as worthwhile.

In order to be creative, we need to know how to draw upon everything around us, investigate areas where others haven't thought to go, bypass traditional sources of inspiration, and forage for great ideas.

In the lab, we encourage everyone to be creative, so that ideas can come from anyone, engineers and technicians alike.

4ème règle d'or

Look beyond our comfort zone for new challenges.

Being innovative is also a matter of attitude, in which anticipation and rethinking are two watchwords.
This is how we keep a lead over the competition.

We try to anticipate everything, whether in terms of technologies, processes, and regulations. Being ready before things happen !

5ème règle d'or

Provide both the ways and the means.

Being leaders in innovation necessarily means following strict rules of conduct and investing accordingly.

It's a fine thing to create and innovate, but never without following three basic principles :

Duration of product stability n the container.
Our products are tested at least two months before being approved for sale.

Product attractiveness, to all the senses
- attractiveness, appealing colours, rich creamy materials and pleasant scents.

The product must be easy and convenient to use.

These are all essential components of product quality before performance is even considered. It's also how we limit client returns and complaints.

With respect to the performance of our products, we test them to specific criteria in external laboratories to give the consumer total objectivity.
Ysabelle Saint-Jevin
Director of R&D and Procurement Officer at V33 Group