MASK&COLOR! voted Product of the Year 2018!

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Mask&Color! paint

On 22 January 2018, the V33 teams attended the Mogador Theatre in Paris to receive the "Voted Product of the Year 2018" award for MASK&COLOR!. 


In 2017, V33 took part in market research conducted by the Nielsen Institute. A panel of more than 10,000 French consumers were interviewed. The research evaluates the attractiveness of a product, its innovative features and customer satisfaction.


Our ground-breaking 3 in 1 MASK&COLOR! paint was a perfect match with these criteria, and as a result, was voted product of the year.The "Voted Product of the Year" logo has been around for more than 30 years.This red label on products is a guarantee that customers can trust, and, in some cases, a sales argument. The Voted Product of the Year logo is recognised by 9 out of 10 French consumers.


In his acceptance speech, Bertrand Leseute described the innovative nature of our MASK&COLOR! paint. This 3 in 1 product works as a filler, undercoat and top coat.


A wonderful reward for all the effort and hard work of all those involved in the Mask&Color! adventure. Congratulations to everyone, and see you in 2019!