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Driven by a strong corporate culture,
in just a few years we have gone from being a small French-based export business to an industrial group
with a broad European presence.

Domblans (39) - France
Great Britain


1 - Domblans (39) - France

Historical expansion of subsidiaries

2 - Italia
3 - Switzerland
4 - Spain-Portugal
5 - Belgium
6 - Great Britain
7 - Poland
Presence via distributors

International markets : a critical challenge

Although we began our international expansion long ago, it has intensified greatly over the past two years.
Today, international expansion has become key to the growth of our Group and is served by a dedicated, ambitious strategy. Our partner-distributors have themselves become increasingly global, and require supportive suppliers who deliver appropriate solutions worldwide.

A new era is here !

600 Employees


600 Employees

Our team of 600 employees, more than 100 of whom are located outside France, help V33 Group succeed and grow each day.

A presence in 30 countries

30 countries

A presence in 30 countries

With a presence in 30 countries, we have seven subsidiaries throughout Europe, two production sites in France and Poland, and another in the planning stage for Russia.




We are setting our sights on Eastern Europe and continuing our development while building on our international know-how.


CA V33


Between 2012 and 2015, our international sales grew 45 percent, and this now represents nearly 30 percent of the company's total sales.

Key aspects of our international strategy

Think globally and develop solutions that take into account the specific features of each country.
Market needs, consumer demands, distribution networks, and regulatory constraints vary considerably from one location to another. The challenge is to account for these local realities at an early stage of our thinking in order to offer a targeted strategy and suitable products and services: Each country gets its own strategy.

Today, we are no longer operating by the logic of export (i.e. one of duplication), but rather by globalisation !
Stefano Benard
International Commercial Director of V33 Group

Guaranteeing the same level of quality and innovation everywhere, in a way that mirrors our know-how and exacting requirements.

Solidifying our positions in areas where we are already present, conquering new markets, and developing new distribution networks.

Examples of this are our decision to open a seventh subsidiary in Russia in 2014; the arrival of the V33 brand in a major DIY superstore in the Baltics; and our first-ever presence in Scandinavia in 2015. We also strive to give our presence a firmer professional grounding by setting up geographically appropriate sales and marketing strategies and dedicated sales teams in Italy, Belgium, Spain and Poland. After a long period when our international growth was centred on wood protection, we are now consolidating the deployment of our specialty paint and technical decorative paint solutions, particularly in Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Russia, and Scandinavia.
Stefano Benard
International Commercial Director of V33 Group

Supporting our partner-distributors
With our knowledge of the industry, we make sure to guide our partner-distributors in their international development, and to provide them with truly innovative solutions in keeping with both their national and global expectations.

Ressources deployed

Solid structuring of the teams in place.
Each subsidiary is allocated a site manager and a local marketing team.

Direct collaboration between the head office and each of our subsidiaries.
After having been confirmed with the Group's senior management, our International Director leads the strategy from France, accompanies the launching and monitoring of projects, coordinates development actions alongside local teams including constant communication, periodic reporting, concerted decision making, regular site visits and meetings with purchasers and heads of distribution channels. Cooperation between the head office and subsidiaries would not work without the full support of the company's internal teams. (Head Office Marketing, Logistics, Production, Communication, etc.).
International development is everyone's business at V33 Group !

Constant local monitoring of changes in markets, emerging trends, new distribution channels, etc.

Skills transfer and experience sharing between our subsidiaries.
Helping each other to grow together.

Our determination has allowed us to position ourselves as a key player in France and elsewhere, while preserving our original character.