Innovation is in our DNA

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Innovation is intrinsic to our corporate culture. It is a fundamental driver of the V33 Group's development strategy.

Innovation laboratoire

At a very early stage, our Strategy and Innovation Committee created a three-year plan for the Marketing and Research and Development departments. This roadmap established the guidelines to follow in order to manage our existing products and develop new ones, based on the Group's various brands.

Once the areas of work have been defined, Marketing and Research and Development collaborate to make them a reality.

With the help of continual market research and consumer studies, Marketing identifies emerging trends and benefits from the advanced knowledge of our end-user clients. This approach is critical for the remainder of the innovation process, ensuring continuity of the consumer’s requirements from the outset.

Our greatest successes are always he result of synergy between teams. The most recent example is the creation of our renovation product lines, which required involvement from everyone, rom identifying market needs to developing formulas.

Marie de Grivel 
Deputy General Manager at V33 Group