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V33 Group is an active company which is constantly evolving, breaking down conventional archetypes. 
We are constantly challenging and optimising the way in which we function and self-manage. 
Based on a well-defined framework which includes our quality control system, employees are able to creatively express and manage their roles with a great deal of independence.
Jérôme Haxaire
Director of Human Resources of V33 Group
The Human Resources policy of the V33 Group is based on six key priorities :

Guiding employee development in their roles and within the company overall, giving precedence to four guidelines :

Recognising and valuing individuals.
• Annual meetings, personalised career management, recognition of experience, skill reports, department and employee recognition via challenges/contests, recognition of long service, work medals and the company newsletter.

Internal promotion and flexilibity (within and between divisions).

Here, internal promotion is part of our corporate culture.
Jérôme Haxaire
Director of Human Resources of V33 Group

• 25 percent of our executives started their careers in the company as or employee.

Skills transfers between employees.

As an example, in the Production division in 2014, a 52 year old new employee was trained by a 28 year old with a seven year service history.
Jérôme Haxaire
Director of Human Resources of V33 Group

• Training budget : 3 percent of gross payroll per year.
• In 2014 : 4,400 hours of training were provided to employees, including 1,917 hours 
for the sales force (44 percent).

Support the training and employment of young people.
We continually bring in students for occupational training, apprenticeship contracts or graduate internships, which often leads to hiring.

• V33 has several partnerships with universities and training centres :
ITECH and IDRAC Lyon, ESC Dijon, ICN Nancy and the Jura Corporate and Industrial Training Centre.
• Every year 10 apprentices are employed across every division of the company, meeting a number of different diploma standards.
• In 2014: nine work-study recruits and eight graduates were hired.
• V33 regularly attends job fairs: annual participation in the Jura job forum, the employer forum at ITECH and IDRAC universities, etc.

Getting involved in the training and employment of workers with disabilities.

• Hiring one worker each year with a disability.
• Setting up a special professional mobility policy including training and workstation improvements.
• Subcontracting partnerships with two specialised work-based support centres (ESATs).

Encouraging diversity and equality within the company.

• Highly varied profiles, careers, and educational backgrounds represented among employees.
• Gender equality achieved.
• Average age: 36.5, and 5.7 percent of staff are over 50.
• 3.6 percent workers with disabilities.

Ensuring an optimal work environment and conditions for our employees. Contributing to the balance between professional and personal life.

• Our site is located in an idyllic rural location and offers a tranquil work environment.
• Active, dynamic works council.
• Company cafeteria, break rooms, lounges, group classes and decorative workshops, seminars and company outings.
• Since 2000: Flexible work schedules set up for administrative employees.
• Member of the car-sharing program set up by the General Council of Jura.

Encouraging cooperation and open communication between employees and departments.

• All nine divisions of the V33 Group are housed at the same site.
This optimises expedient decision-making.
• Internal flexibility: A critical factor to ensure that the teams know and understand each other well.

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What makes the difference in V33 Group's Human Resources policy is that it both provides for the development of the company and preserves what makes the company strong and gives it spirit: Its human capital.
Jérôme Haxaire
Director of Human Resources of V33 Group