Our approach to business

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Driven by an appetite for challenge and risk-taking,
we enjoy going after unusual or challenging problems.

No matter how complex the projects are, we mobilise all the operational and service-based resources needed to make them succeed. Based on the concept that every challenge is different, and that your needs are not the same as those of others, we strive to provide suitable guidance from the start of the project to the end.

Research and Development

A cutting-edge Research and Development department and production facility integrated into the company.

Thirty engineers and technicians work in our laboratory.
We make an average of 40000 tonnes of products per year, with 3,000 tonnes being packaged each month (all categories combined).


A solid, well-structured Marketing division

Thirty people work within the Marketing department at our Head Office, not including our subsidiaries' own teams.
When combined with the Research and Development staff, this ensures that 10 percent of the Group's workforce is devoted to creativity and innovation.
Our team does not simply create the product; it also focuses on managing the structure of our product lines, the packaging approach, and the sales support tools. The consumer is always central to our thinking.

Une logistique sur tous les fronts

Logistics on all fronts

As a pioneer in setting up new logistics models, we do not simply deliver orders. We take the time to interact at each stage of the process: from managing the outflow of production units to shelving in stores, and including sales forecasts. We have a constant desire to optimise our costs and product availability.


A proactive, dedicated sales team for each brand and distribution network.

Nearly 130 sales representatives are deployed in the field to assist you each day for guidance, advice, training, education and assistance to start projects.

technical support

Available, personalised technical support

Our Customer Service department manages an average of 33,000 incoming calls a year, or 120 to 220 each day. Each of your calls is personally handled.

Training our employees

Training our employees and client-partners

Our teams receive approximately 3,500 hours of training each year, 25 percent of which is directed to the sales team. Similarly, we make a point of assisting, supporting, and advising you throughout the life of your projects by helping getting them to get started, training distributors and providing sales assistance and product technical support.

manage product releases

Our ability to manage many product releases

We manage an average of 50 new projects, or more than 2,000 product codes each year. In total, 20,000 product codes are handled by the V33 Group.

This way, we maximise our responsiveness and guarantee you the right solution every time, in keeping with your project and your requirements.