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together, let's deliver beautiful projects
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Indoor & outdoor wood products
Indoor & outdoor paints

At CECIL PROFESSIONNEL, we are convinced that the finishing of the work sites creates value and recognition.

This is why CECIL PROFESSIONNEL's vision is to support craftsmen who diversify their practices and the distributors who develop their offer paint and wood treatment in stores and online. To support them, the brand offers PRO solutions at your fingertips.

At the service of the Professional Distributor and the Craftsman, it is positioned as a true partner, both in terms of its offer and its a true partner, both through its offer and its services.

CECIL PROFESSIONNEL is the brand that simplifies the last step of the building sites in the respecting the craftsman, the inhabitant and the environment.

Our Commitment to Your Success
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Seals & subcoats
Oils & waxes
Adhesives & seals

Plastor has specialised in protecting and decorating hardwood floors since 1957, providing its know-how to tradespeople. With this cutting-edge expertise, Plastor works both on indoor and outdoor wood surfaces, with solutions dedicated solely to professionals.
Its highly effective products, which are based on specific formulas and features, ensure professionals a high level of success.
Plastor has a dedicated sales team in place for decorative wholesalers, providing them with the support they need to develop.


Reveal your colors
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Premium interior paint

Hypnotik was born from a desire: to share a deep, personal experience of color.
Each of us carries within him a world, dreams, desires. And they are in color. We invite you to discover them in a new light.
Because we know that colors have the power to transform our lives, that they inspire us, enlighten us, make us happy.
Here, a bruise is not a bruise but the bruise of your dreams.
Here begins a new love affair with your home.

The taste to accomplish beautiful things
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Decor paints & effects

Libéron was created in early-20th-century Paris in the arts community. For over a century, Libéron products have enhanced materials to provide a touch of brilliance to furniture and furnishings. From wood care to decorative effects, Libéron has successfully adapted to the needs of its consumers. From decor enthusiasts to antique lovers, Libéron, with its wide range of products, allows you bring out the beauty in the materials that make up all furniture and furnishings.

At the source of your projects
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Indoor & outdoor paints
Special paints 
Wood products

For 50 years, V33 has been an expert in wood protection and finishing as well as technical and decorative paints for all surfaces.
V33 regularly helps its consumers in their DIY and decoration projects to make each of them a success. We provide the right solutions to directly improve quality of life for both home and home-dweller.