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Our story dates back to 1957
when we were a small Jura-based company specialising in wood care.

From the moment we created our first floor varnish to our early decision to supply superstores - to say nothing of our daring move into the technical and decorative paints market - we have always sought new challenges.Christian de Grivel
President of V33 Group


invented our first floor varnish with 33 percent of the hardness of glass It was the first product to bear the V33 name.


developed a product line for professionals, under the Plastor brand.


continued diversification with the launch of our first woodstain
and the sale of our products in DIY superstores for the first time.


created our range of exterior paints and set up our first European subsidiary (Italy).


Bought out the wood care products company Liberon.


developed our first line
of decorative paints. 


strategic move into interior decorative paints, launching the "Pure Colours" range, and expanded our international development. 


Bought out the Cecil group ; 
a merger cementing the group's ambition in the wholesale and industrial wood treatment markets.


created a new product segment : decorative technical paints designed for the renovation of different surfaces.


opened our seventh subsidiary in Russia.


created our first
anti-formaldehyde paint.


Le Groupe V33 ouvre sa première boutique en nom propre: Hypnotik au BHV Marais à Paris.


Le Groupe fête ses 60 ans d'existence.
V33 lance également Mask & Color®, la première peinture qui répare et décore tous les murs ainsi que le Wood Bar lors du salon Maison & Objet. Année clé pour le Groupe qui ouvre sa seconde boutique Hypnotik au BHV Parly 2, dans la banlieue parisienne.


V33 se lance dans le e-commerce avec la vente de testeurs sur son site boutique.v33.com.

Our rapid market penetration testified to a pioneering and daring spirit which has remained with the group ever since. Our determination also helped us rise to name-brand status in France and abroad without ever losing sight of our original character. Today, we are proud of our experience and expertise in all types of coating solutions.

We are proud to have risen from a small Jura-based company specialising in wood to an industrial group recognised on a global scale.