Innovation in practice

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Innovation in practice

Innovation does not just take place in Research and Development. It informs all of our strategic thinking and marketing.

While innovation means designing new products in connection with technological advancement, on a deeper level it also signifies to us an everyday approach that takes several other forms including :

• Consumers' desires and expectations at an early stage.
Our Marketing teams have a detailed understanding of consumer habits and practices and are able to identify their precise needs due to their knowledge of the market and the studies they conduct.
Data collected throughout the experimentation process is analysed and collated to provide consumers with appropriate solutions.

• Constant improvement of existing products.
Optimising and developing an existing material by including certain additives, or transferring a raw material into other products with the purpose of enhancing performance, adhesion, resistance, aesthetic quality and ease and convenience of application.

Leave behind what exists and try to go even further.
Marie de Grivel
Deputy General Manager at V33 Group

Continually seeking out new raw materials and perfecting proficiency in the ones we already know to optimise their full potential in our formulations.

Optimising manufacturing processes and methods.
Easier, smarter production for better product quality and efficiency to reduce costs.

Better knowledge of regulatory constraints and handling them early on.
Applying them to our product product knowledge at the first possible opportunity.

To meet the exacting requirements of regulatory standards, three people are tasked with continuous monitoring.

Director of R&D and Procurement Officer at V33 Group

We are “formulators”,
which means creators and optimisers of formulas.