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V33's Research and Development department is a further source of innovation for the Group.
As a centre for excellence in formulating paints and varnishes its teams create dozens of new formulas for many different products each year. Our Research and Development department also houses
a quality control team which tests our products before they go to market.

Yohann Courtier, 33. Wood Products Manager at the Laboratory.

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from the École Supérieure de Chimie Organique et Minérale (ESCOM) specialising in formulation. I have been employed at V33 since January 2015 and my role is to work with the various wood products as well as formulate various products and conduct tests upon them. In addition to this technological monitoring, I am now managing a team of three people.

For this job, I need to be able to work in a team, be open-minded, look at the big picture, and have management skills.

I particularly like my profession for the diverse range of projects and products developed, , the teamwork and monitoring products during their life cycle.

I chose V33 Group because it's a human-scale family company managed by people who care about the quality of its products.
Wood Products Manager at the Laboratory

V33 Group is a leader in its market. It keeps investing in its site in order to build a lasting business. The friendly atmosphere is also a real motivation. The employees all care about designing quality products with attractive packaging.

Amandine Carlod, 31. Colourimetry Manager, Research and Development laboratory.
Amandine Carlod

As the manager of a team in charge of creating the dyes used in the V33 Group's products as well as optimising the dye machines' database, this job requires good vision and sensitivity to different hues as most of the colour matching is done with the naked eye. It also calls for accuracy and proficiency in handling database management tools.

For this job, you need to be creative, independent, and multi-talented.

All V33 Group employees share the requirement of doing work well and the desire to move the company forward.
Amandine Carlod
Colourimetry Manager, Research and Development Laboratory/span>

At the time the laboratory was expanded, a custom designed, dedicated colourimetry laboratory optimised our unique working conditions. This allows us to work in natural light and in a neutral-coloured environment.

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