• Marketing & Communication

    The Marketing department is one of V33 Group's sources of innovation, using consumer-led, current market trends to be reflected later in our product offers to our customers. We use different marketing approaches that cover the entire product life cycle, from strategic analysis of different markets to operational support for sales.

  • Research and Development

    V33's Research and Development department is a further source of innovation for the Group. As a centre for excellence in formulating paints and varnishes its teams create dozens of new formulas for many different products each year. Our Research and Development department also houses a quality control team which tests our products before they go to market.

  • Production

    The Production department produces all V33's products exclusively in-house. It is an accomplishment of nearly 60 years' experience, supported by a culture of quality and by the continual improvement of its production and packaging processes.

  • Logistics

    V33's Logistics division has always been a key link in offering personalised customer solutions. Reliability and constant adaptation to changes in demand are its hallmarks.

  • Sales

    Our company's growth has always relied on a sales team that is organised, dedicated, and consistently growth-oriented in terms of turnover and market share gained. A variety of jobs within this department includes sales administration, export market managers and key accounts, all with one thing in common: a strong commitment to the product and its market.

  • Information Technology

    Information systems are integral to the Group and play a major role in its performance.
The roles are highly varied, including infrastructure management, start-up structures and systems within the business departments, as well as installing interactive software.

  • Accounting and Management Department

    The Accounting and Management department occupies a central role within the Group, providing essential budget and account monitoring guidance and support to other departments 

  • Quality & safety

    V33 is an industrial company in the chemical sector, which designs, manufactures, and distributes paints and varnishes.For V33, the quality of its products, the safety of its employees, and its environmental responsibilities have been essential values from its earliest days. The Quality, Safety & Environment division takes care to follow these fundamental value

  • Human Resources

    V33 has always made men and women central to how it operates. The human resources division is responsible for getting the most from that human capital, which is one of the company's key strengths.

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