The V33 Group adopts new hiring strategies

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Between February and April, three simulation recruitment sessions were conducted with employment agency Pôle Emploi.  This method consists of recruiting without a CV, instead focusing on the skills and motivation of applicants. The three types of post to be filled (Production and Logistics) were first analysed to identify the skills required to do these jobs. Future applicants then went to Domblans. After visiting the site, those who wanted to took part in real-life tests. Only those applicants still in the running were accepted for the motivation interview. “This is the first time we’ve approached recruitment in this way,” explains Maïté Maurin, Head of Talent Acquisition in the HRD.  “The benefit of this strategy is that it allows applicants to imagine what it would be like to work here and thus helps with getting them on-board . We also count on their motivation, as they have to commit and make themselves available.” A total of ten people have been hired for six months, in compliance with the commitment made to Pôle Emploi.  In a challenging recruitment market, this non-discriminatory method offers certain advantages and is in perfect harmony with the V33 Group’s commitments on Social and Environmental Responsibility.