Our mindset & values

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We pull out all the stops to ensure
that both our projects and yours are successful.


Besides the historical and fundamental values of the Group, V33 would not be what it has been for nearly 60 years of existence without a clear, constant growth strategy.
Our strategy is very simple: "We want to be one of the leading European groups in the wood protection and paint industries." That's a direct order from our President !

Our growth strategy relies on two of the Group's fundamentals: Constant innovation and Quality (products and service) and centres on three priorities : Markets, Products and our Customers (distributors and end consumers).

Markets : V33's development takes place mainly in Europe, in Eastern European countries and in French overseas departments and territories, as well as through our current subsidiaries and our distributor-partners in retail and wholesale markets.

Products : we are one of the major European leaders for indoors and outdoors wood products, specialty paints including wood, iron, floors, and façades and technical decoration paints, and we have continued to grow in whites and decorative paints for several years. V33 also assists its large clients in producing their own brands for wood products and paints.

Clients : V33 has always considered its clients to be fully-fledged partners, and the relationship we have with them is central to our concerns. Our assistance never ceases. The strong presence of our sales teams in stores is a very good example of this.


The strengths that set us apart

Profess and product-based culture that are especially pronounced.
Our corporate philosophy is based on a positive work ethic and pride in a job well done.

Proficiency in all key elements of project management.
Nothing is left to chance !

An obligation to deliver results and success.
Expertise should be seen not as an end in and of itself, but as a means to ensure the success of the project and your satisfaction.

The love of a challenge and risk-taking.
We enjoy nothing quite so much as projects that look complex. This desire to solve challenges is what fuels our passion and ambition each day.

The values that drive us

Independence and freedom