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Wood cleaning products by the V33 Group

Cleaning wood with the superior quality products by the V33 Group ensures the best results for your wood floors, doors, window frames and furniture. The V33 group includes household names such as V33 and Liberon for the DIY market and Plastor and Cecil Pro for the professional sector.

Specialised in wood care products for over 50 years, you will find a wide choice of wood cleaning products, from cleaners to strippers for both interior and exterior woodwork. Whether you are preparing your wood surface for a fresh coat of varnish or oil or simply wish to remove stains, you can rely on the hi-tech formulas for an effective application.

Bring out the natural lustre and beauty of your wood; cleaning wood or stripping is an essential step before applying a varnish or treatment for the perfect finish. For the home, Liberon and V33 offer high performance and safe products that clean and remove built-up grime, wax and dirt, a gentle scrub is all you need to regain a clean surface. For application advice, please feel free to consult the V33 group website.


Cleaning wood and the perfect finish

Once you have finished cleaning your wood surface, select the perfect natural, tinted or glossy surface for your floor, furniture or outdoor woodwork with the range of long-lasting varnishes, waxes, oils and more. Our wood products care and embellish in easy-to-use formulas.

For more information about our wood cleaning products, do not hesitate to contact us.