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Wood floor paints: create the decor you desire with V33 Group

If you are looking for a high quality wood floor paint, the V33 Group invites you to discover its leading brands in wood care, maintenance and specialised paints for the home and industry.

Liberon, Cecil Pro, Plastor, V33, Diamantine are major European labels in the wood products market owned by the V33 Group. Among the high performance range of products, you will find fine quality floor paints for wood. New generation, water-based paints for the outdoors such as the V33 AQUA-STOP, or the specialist floor paints, odourless for both indoor and outdoor wood floors. If you need an outdoor wood floor paint then you will appreciate the lasting quality of TRAFIC EXTREME, a formula made to perform on highly used floors.

The latest Peinture Sol Déco range by V33, is a multi-surface paint and is ideal for the bedroom, play room, living room, staircase, the cellar...this is a high-resistance paint that is easy to use, odourless and a ECOLABEL product that is totally safe for your family home. With a range of modern and beautiful colours, the wood floor paints offer great choice in decorative ideas, as well as the comfort of a highly effective product that will protect your floor from wear and tear.

Paints and dyes for your wood floors: From V33 to the Liberon brand

Whether you would love to cover your wood floor with a splash of colour, rejuvenate a room or want to restore your wood floor to its original beauty with a wood floor dye, feel free to browse though our website to find out more about our new generation products that offer lasting quality in safe, easy-to-use formulas.

For more information about our paints for wood floors, feel free to contact us.