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High protection varnish for your woodwork

If you are looking for a high protection varnish for your wood furniture, we invite you to consult our web site.

We put at your disposal a large range of varnishes for wood, so that you can choose the right varnish for the right type of wood. In addition, our high protection varnish is characterized by its nice finish, especially when applied to noble woods, such as oak or chestnut.

Our high protection varnish reinforces the fibres of the wood to give them a "honey" look. Our different brands like PLASTOR, DIAMANTINE, LIBERON... offer you a complete range of high protection varnishes and oils for any type of  floors.

V33 group is present in 30 countries and has 6 subsidiaries in Europe. Our group is also positioned among the leading high protection varnish producers in Europe.

For more information on our high protection varnish

For more information on our high protection varnish, do not hesitate to contact us.