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High-quality metal paint for your home

The leading European leading company, V33 Group has developed specialist metal paints available under its brand names V33 and Liberon. The manufacturers of fine quality wood products has widened its product range to include a variety of interior paints for walls, floors, woods and metals.

For exterior ironwork, the V33 brand's Climat Extreme, AQUASTOP and ANTIROUILLE metal paints will not only add fresh life to your metal work but protect it against the elements. Designed using the latest technologies, V33 metal paints guarantee up to 6 years protection against rust for your outdoor structures, fences, balconies with waterproof qualities and resistance to impact. Enjoy the long-lasting colour and easy application. The range of V33 metal paints can be used directly on rusted metal making renovation much simpler and faster.

For your metal objects and furniture, the Liberon brand has a range of metal paints that will decorate and adorn with lasting effect. True to the tradition of excellence of the Liberon name, the brand has added to its fine quality wood products, a range of special effects paints that offer whole new decorative possibilities with a simple brush stroke.

Liberon Metal Leaf is a water-based metal paint that will give you a traditional finish for your gilding work and surfaces. Easy to use, experienced gilders and beginners will feel comfortable using this product. Liberon also offers a range of metal or gilding paints, varnishes, creams for restoring your metal objects and surfaces to their original beauty.

Quality colour for the home: metal and wood paints by the V33 Group

The V33 group is committed to creating new generation products for wood care and home decoration that is of the finest quality and are easy to use even by beginners to DIY. True innovators in its field, V33 develops its products using advanced technology that also preserves the environment from harmful emissions. We are proud of our metal paints, wood care products for their total safety in the home and beyond.

Watch for our ECOLABEL  products, a European standard and the international NF Environment label for our ecologically sound practices from the selection of raw materials, manufacturing practices and the final product.

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