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Quality wood floor stains by the V33 Group

Give your home the perfect hardwood floor with an application of wood floor stain, an interior wood stain developed by the V33 Group.

Renovating your wood floor is easy and convenient with the advanced technology wood products by the V33 Group's brands: V33, Liberon, Cecil Pro, Diamantine and Plastor. Specialised in innovative wood care and maintenance products for the home decor market and the professional sector, you have a vast choice of tints, dyes, wood stains for your floors, paneling, furniture...

With its long-standing expertise in restoring wood furniture and antiques, you can trust the Liberon quality for any repair work you need on damaged woods. Prepare your floor with the Liberon floor cleaners, fillers, and bleachers to obtain the ideal surface for your wood floor stain.

The V33 Group has developed wood stains for both the exterior and interior, superior quality and longevity for your woodwork with up to 10 years durability for your terrace, patio and gates. The special formulas are designed to bring out the natural grain and beauty of your woods. Suitable for the majority of wood types, feel free to consult our guide on application techniques.

Wood floor stain: Wood care for DIY and the professional

Established in France since 1957, V33 has consistently developed innovative products in line with the latest technologies and criteria for safe products. With specialised brands for industry and the DIY market, V33 has a subsidiary and distribution network spanning across 30 countries. Find a V33 Group distributor near you for products and services of your choice.

For more information about our wood floor stains, do not hesitate to contact us.