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Painting your woodwork with lasting quality

Wood painting, conditioning, finishes with the superior quality products of the V33 group is a convenient way to repair and renovate your woodwork both outdoors and indoors.

With specialised brands for the home decor and DIY sector, distributors in 30 countries around the world stock the brands labels of the V33 Group. Find wood paints, dyes and stains in a choice of shades by Liberon and V33 near you.

For the professional sector, the Plastor and Cecil Pro brands specialise in wood products and paints, varnishes, parquet glues and a wholet catalogue of wood treatments for outdoor woodwork.

Our wood paints have been developed using the latest in advanced technology and a firm commitment to sustainable development. Painting your woodwork with our products is safe for the home and the environment with our water-based solutions.

Painting wood: one coat for an excellent finish

Whether you are renovating your wood floor, outdoor terrace, antique dining table, discover the range of wood paints available. A choice of warm wood shades or a selection of colours for a more modern look, our single coat, fast-drying formulas make painting and decorating your home easy and time-saving. 

For more information about painting wood and other wood care products, do not hesitate to contact us.