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Solutions for cleaning and painting metal

If you are painting metal structures or objects, then discover the special metal paints by the leading brands of the V33 Group. The European leader in wood care and home decor products, the group includes household names such as its namesake, V33 and Liberon in the home decor and DIY markets and the CECIL PRO, PLASTOR and Diamantine in the professional sectors.

Painting metalwork is easy and convenient with V33, with products available for painting directly onto rusted parts or compatible with different types of the V33 range, which includes the SHAMPOOING ACTIF TOUS METAUX which serves as an excellent detergent base, guaranteeing perfect adherence of your metal paints.

For renovating your wrought iron gates, balconies or painting any metal work in your garden or terrace, the V33 metal paints offer long lasting resistance against corrosion, humidity and UV rays with a choice of modern colours to suit your home decor style.

Painting metals outdoors and indoors

For amateurs and professionals in gilding or metal leafing, the V33 group also offers the fine quality metal paints, varnishes, rust removers for your frames, silverware, objets d'art or maybe you wish to transform an object with a splash of metallic shine? We are proud of our metal paints that offer endless decorative opportunities! 

For more information about painting metals, do not hesitate to contact us.