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Wood floor care solutions by the V33 Group

Wood floor care products are at the heart of the V33 Group's range of new generation wood care products for furniture, indoor and outdoor woodwork.

The V33 Group includes brands such as V33, Liberon, Cecil Pro, Diamantine and Plastor; each brand is specialised in either the industrial or professional decoration and renovation sector or  manufactures wood floor care formulas for the home user and DIY enthusiast.

Whether you are restoring your wood floor to its former glory or would love to simply clean and add a fresh coat of varnish, discover the varnishes, waxes, cleaners, wood fillers, and treatments available to help you create the perfect finish for your floor.

The V33 brand has also created the latest in wood floor paints in modern, attractive tones for a completely different look for your bedroom, living room, playroom for your children.

The V33 Group is proud of its innovations and, as a leading European brand in its sector, has also developed wood floor care products for the exterior. You can now protect and maintain the wood floors of your terrace or balcony in all weather conditions with specialised floor paints. The new, waterproof formulas provide a protective layer against UV rays and harsh weather with long lasting quality.

Wood floor care products for a cleaner environment

The V33 Group has a strong commitment to sustainable development and is a leader in innovative formulas which minimise or eliminate the use of solvents. Water-based solutions for varnishes offer high performance without the harmful emissions into the home and environment. Lookout for the ECOLABEL standard of a whole range of the group's products.

For more information about our wood floor care products, please contact us.